I’ve been wanting to show some pictures for a while of a mixture of re-styles, colours and colour corrections I’d been asked to do. More to follow!

a dramatic and sophisticated stylehow restyling can bring out facial features better

The client above left wanted to go darker. We introduced some red tones. The client above right had a root re-touch and a restyle to complement her face.

restyling after colour correctiona major colour self-done correction

This client’s gone lighter with auburn tones after a series of darker colours. The client above right had a lot of damage after home colours.

a choppy and disconnected blonde stylea fab bob to complement a stylish blonde

This client wanted a very choppy, disconnected style, with added ash tones to complement her blonde hair. The style we’ve chosen frames her face well.

Keep checking in to see more styles that I’ll be adding very soon. You never know, you may want to be featured here too!