edge mobile hair reports on Abercrombie and Fitches news rules for staff hairstyles

The A&F style police strike again

Remember the outcry against Abercrombie & Fitch’s ban on bigger customers wearing their clothes?

Seems the chain’s fashionista CEO has issued new, strict guidelines for how staff can wear their hair. Apparently, unnatural or overly coloured styles are out and tasteful, “sun-kissed” highlights are in.

CEO Mike Jeffries wants to ensure that not only thin, beautiful people wear his clothes, but that only a certain style of assistant works in his stores. The staff guidebook was recently leaked to the press and contains some pretty strict rules that extend even beyond hairstyles.

Orange is out

For example, staff aren’t allowed unnatural skin complexions – such as sun-bed or orange spray tans. All types of caps, beanies and hair-scarves are banned, with the only exception being headgear worn for religious reasons.

So, watch out if you’re into rule-breaking, edgy hair and are wanting to work for Abercrombie & Fitch. Your career could just be cut short!