Teaching style – at Macclesfield College!

Here we are in March and already the new year’s been an exciting one. From a student at college last year learning how to teach, to actually teaching students at Macclesfield College!

The salon at Macclesfield college. I'm lecturing to level 2 and level 3 students here!

I’m spending a couple of days every week teaching NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 hairdressing students. The opportunity to pass on a lifetime’s worth of skills to two different levels is sometimes challenging, but its great to see new talent entering the profession.

And its not just school leavers, either. Many students are returning to hairdressing studies to refresh older skills or are maybe looking to start a new, worthwhile career. Teaching such a mix of students, ages and abilities is an education in itself!

I would suggest anyone who wants to do something creative and different thinks about returning to college to train for a new career. The tutors are like me and offer real life skills, many run their own businesses so the techniques you learn are right up to date and on-trend.

The students gain valuable commercial experience and people skills by working in our real salon. That makes them all the more employable or even ready to go freelance.

We also get presentations from the leading product manufacturers – and this is a great way for both students and tutors to keep up there at the cutting edge of hairdressing!

My current clients needn’t worry – I’m doing this alongside my normal business, it helps me offer a better service as well as giving me to chance to pass on my skills. As I say, It has been quite a year. And its only March!