I’ve got it – VTCT Certification!

VTCT Certification for Edge hair's Jan Robinson!

Well the last two years have been quite a challenge – trying to fit running a growing business around losing two days each week at college, but it’s all been worth it as I’ve got my VTCT qualification!

So what’s VTCT all about – and if you’d asked me that two years ago, I probably wouldn’t know either. But VTCT is essential if I want to pass on my skills to anyone joining the profession. It lets me assess people’s work and give guidance and advice.

I feel it’s vital to pass on life-skills – otherwise young hairdressers will find its quite a tough journey. The time I spent has benefited me too, as it’s made me really think about how I do the things I do.

To reach this point, I had to spend 12 months gaining NVQ Level 3 in Advanced Level Hairdressing and spent a lot of time around young students, even teaching sessions – quite an education in itself!

I’m planning to spend some time at colleges and salons assessing trainees by fitting this around my hairdressing, which is still the main focus of my work.

I would recommend that anyone looking for a career in hairdressing thinks seriously about getting the right qualifications, as it’s a really rewarding and creative career. Thanks so much to South Cheshire College for getting me to this point.