it’s not blonde – its not brown. its bronde!

If you want to add a highlight to brown hair but don't want to go blonde - ask Edge Mobile Hair about going brond!

Do you have darker hair and would love a new look this season but want to keep your basic colour? This may be the answer for you. Why not get right on trend and go Bronde!

Bronde is a technique that leaves your existing shade in place but adds bold highlights that are a much lighter colour that creates a shimmering, golden effect. You’ll see bronde everywhere with A-listers like Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston and Jenny Lopez all sporting bronde hairstyles.

The bronde look is created by adding foil highlights – you only need partial foils to create the look, but remember you may also want to adjust your base hair colour to get the full effect. It’s an easy way to change your style without a radical makeover.

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